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I welcome you to enjoy my Newsletters and I do hope that you continue to read them in the future and find inspiration within. Through EDC I have found great satisfaction in providing useful information to my clients and have decided to assemble this newsletter to extend my reach to others.

To tell you a little about myself and how Equilibrium blossomed, I can tell you that through years of practical experience I have been on a natural journeyed towards this goal. I thank each and every one of you who visits my website and reads my newsletter for supporting and encouraging me to do what I love to do. I have truly found my passion! When one discovers their passion it is easily shared with others and is a wonderful way of giving.

In college I was a student of art, design, decorating, music and dance and I hold an Interior Design Certification from Temple University. As an adult I attended cooking classes to continue to learn more about being creative in the kitchen, another passion of mine.

I was born in October, the sign of the scales, always striving for optimum balance and harmony, cornerstones that embody my personality. I am most comfortable surrounded by beautiful things in my home, at my table or as part of my wardrobe. I am always mindful of the delicate balance that exists in pleasing the eye and the senses and wish to share this all with you.

After many wonderful years raising my three fabulous sons, I found it the perfect time to balance me! Please continue to learn and grown with me as I share with you the things that bring balance and harmony to my life. I hope to inspire you to obtain this very same quality in all you do and I will be mindful of this as I pass on new and interesting information to you through my newsletters.

To continue this dialogue, please go to my webpage, www.designsbyequilibrium.com to read posts and add comment to my blog, Tending to Details.





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