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"Live in such
a way that you would not be ashamed to sell
your parrot to
the town gossip."
- Will Rogers -

Indian Summer Season to Season 2011

Hi there friends! The seasons ran together for me this year, more than ever, and it seems life got the best of organized me! Now I am ready to divide and conquer! I found myself mid July before I realized that I had not yet assembled a summer issue. I was totally engrossed in making sure my boys arrived at the appropriate place for whatever was next on the agenda. Somehow it was August before I came up for air. A fun time was had by all but truly, not much down time was squeezed in. We did not dip our toes in the ocean until Labor Day weekend. When this happens, we savor the experience all the more.

With that said, I do hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing summer respite from the fast pace of the school year and have begun a new year refreshed and full of focus.

Below are a few ideas I thought I would share to help make that possible. Enjoy this Indian Summer issue of S2S. Please, if you have any thoughts or ideas, I'd love to hear back from you!

Happy September, happy Fall to all!

Creatively yours,


1. Loafer style pumps
2. Fringed everything
3. 80's retro
5. Fur vests
6. Capes
7. Black leather jackets
9. Boots...any height

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maxi skirt

Scale back by decorating, step away
   then return and take away.
Larger, bolder pieces can stand alone
   for significant impact.
Neutral tones in richer hues.
Antiqued pieces.
Natural fibers.

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Kids binders, assignment books, totes, art folders are what you should have on your to do list now before the paperwork runs amuck. Keep extras handy for added storage needs. Label and file now so when the buildup hits, you are organized and non plused!

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Try zip lining for a rush like never before.
Amazon's Kindle - updated features and better price point. Try My Yoga Studio on your Kindle for rainy day workouts.
Temptu airbrush makeup system for a professional application.
East Goshen Farmers' Market for all things fresh.
Season 52 Restaurant- fresh, local and mini everything.
Maxi skirts
Structured one-handled bags
Gray nail color
H.I.T (high intensity training)
The Philadelphia Phillies
Mobile phone Apps for savings, try Redlaser
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gorgeous, chic clothing by trunk show invitation. Contact Sharon Spaeder or Marie Kenkellen

organic wear gone mainstream


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amazing recycled footwear

comfy organics

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