"Miriam, Thank you so much for your amazing work! You have helped to make our home so much more efficient and easy to function and live in. We have been able to keep all our new kitchen cabinets organized and we are able to find things and put them away easily. My kitchen functions and flows so logically!"

"My closet, as you know, was a disaster! I could never find things and, basically, always wore the same things. Now, because everything has a place, I am able to actually see what I have and I am much more creative in what I wear because it is all so easily accessible. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe without even shopping. You truly have a talent and thank you so much for putting me on the path to living an organized and clutter-free life!"

Sincerely, Julie H.


"Thanks to Miriam Cash and Equilibrium for keeping the small dilemmas in my life from becoming huge headaches! Miriam has helped me find the perfect gifts for the most difficult to buy for. From the "last minute" teacher gift to the 40 yr. old with everything. Miriam comes up with a thoughtful, meaningful gift along with exactly where to get it! Miriam's sense of space and style has helped me make some decorating choices. She's rearranged a mantle, created a blank walls' design and chosen accessories. She has made small changes that make a big impact!

Another common solution that Miriam has provided is in helping me with wardrobe crisis. I have asked her, "What should I wear?" and she has dressed me from head to toe with style and practicality. Formal or fun, I feel good about her choices and have received many compliments to top it off!

I mustn't forget the time Miriam helped me organize an impromptu get together. She planned a quick food list, shopped and set it up in thirty minutes flat! Running a household of five children makes for a busy life. I can't imagine mine without the on the spot, consistent service I get from Miriam's Equilibrium!

Sincerely, Joanne D.

"Miriam, We did it! My husband's 40th birthday was a total surprise! Thanks for taking care of all the planning and details surrounding the event. From choosing the caterer, renting a tent, selection and mailing of the invitations, band booking, and appetizer menu, you did it all! I would have never been able to plan a surprise party without your help."

Thank You!! Christiane


"Miriam and I had so much fun re-decorating my master bedroom (and bath). My room was transformed by Miriam’s expertise in decorating. She had an eye for finding things that worked with my south-western style décor. I was impressed by how organized and efficient Miriam was. She is doing an amazing job with her new business venture. I am looking to working with her again on another project."

Virginia J.

"Equilibrium Design has breathed new life into my office. Miriam has not just organized my work space; she has increased my daily productivity with her amazing organizational skills. Managing my business and family simultaneously has never been easier. Thanks to Equilibrium Design my life has balance again."

Christina V.